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Escuela de Idiomas
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TANDEM Santiago®

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Santiago de Chile


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We offer carefully selected accommodation of many different kinds for the time you are taking a course and also absolutely independent from the booking of a course.

We classify lodgings in private households (shared apartment and family homestay) and furnished apartments/studios. Studios are independently accessible, in one room apartments are the sleeping and cooking areas in the same room. 

Generally in Chile and in all lodging options (especially those in private households such as family-homestays and shared apartments) it is not permitted to have overnight guests - unless you announce the guests prior to their stay and offer to pay additionally for such accommodation. Also, it is expected in private lodgings that you respect the rules of the house. Those who like to be more independent should select rather Hotel and furnished apartment/studio options than those in private households.

Double rooms are only available for two persons travelling together.

All accommodations are located within 45 minutes of the school via public transportation.

Lodging Prices

Airport-Lodging transfer

Shared Minibus for free

We organize a charge free Minibus transfer operated by the shuttle firm TRANSVIP  from the Airport to the lodging (one-way), if you book your lodging through us.

Private Taxi

If you prefer to go faster than the Minibus shuttle to your lodging, or if you haven´t arranged a lodging through us, we can arrange you a private Taxi shuttle for US$ 50 one way.

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