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DELE preparation courses and DELE diplomas at Tandem Santiago

Along with the ongoing process of internationalization in commerce, exams and Certificates that are standardized and have a worldwide recognition for proving certain language and professional competences are becoming more and more important.

DELE preparation courses and DELE diplomas at Tandem Santiago

Many language students aim to receive an internationally recognized Certificate at the end of their Spanish studies. With the DELE examination, all competences are checked, not only grammar and writing, also conversational skills and auditive comprehension. The Certificates imposes international standards and enable companies to have a correct estimation of the Spanish language knowledge of a candidate. The certificates on the other hand, are an important qualification proof for the students.

Here you find important information and a short overview regarding the from the Spanish Cervantes Institute controlled Diploma in Spanish as a foreign language -DELE (Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera).

Since 2008 Tandem Santiago has been recognized by the Cervantes Institute as the Official Examination Center in Chile.

This examination can be taken at Tandem Santiago in april, may,  october and november, or in any Cervantes Institute recognized Examination Center.

More information about the examination

DELE Examens dates in Chile 2019

  • april 05 (enrole from 10 of january - 06 of february)- Only the levels A1-A2 B1-B2-C1
  • may 25 (enrole from 10 of january - 27 of march) -  ALL LEVELS
  • october 04 (enrole from 10 of january - 21 of august) - Only the levels A2-B1-B2
  • november 23(enrole from 10 of january - 09 of october) - ALL LEVELS

How to enrole from distance

  • determine your spanish level per online test here
  • download the enrolment form
  • make the payment of the corresponding fee at school or per bank deposit to Tandem Santiago Ltda. Rut:78.270.430-3  Bco de Chile account nro. 1750101601
  • send enrolment form plus deposit proof and copy of your passport  to the email

Application fees at Tandem Santiago 2019


 A1 Acceso   $66.511  
 A2 Plataforma    $84.390  
 B1 Umbral    $95.367  
 B2 Avanzado            $110.461  
 C1 Dominio Operativo Eficaz    $117.322  
 C2 Maestría   $123.497  

Private DELE Examination preparation

Additional private Spanish classes module of two classes per day during one week or longer. The DELE Preparation courses make the students familiar with the exam using original materials from former exams for simulation of the exam. Depending on the duration there will be time for closing gaps in grammar knowledge necessary for the exam. We prepare for all levels:

  • Diploma A1    Acceso
  • Diploma A2    Plataforma
  • Diploma B1    Umbral
  • Diploma B2    Avanzado
  • Diploma C1    Dominio Operativo Eficaz
  • Diploma C2    Maestría

You can take the Examination at Tandem Santiago in May, August and November or in any of the certified examination centres in your country.


 Price: US$ 250/week + US$ 55 enrolment fee


Group preparation for DELE Examination

DELE Preparation and Exams in Chile.

We offer a twice-a-week module for preparation of the DELE examination. The minimum group size is 2 students and the maximum is 7. Course duration is 10 weeks with a total of 40 classes. Schedule is Mondays and Wednesdays from 18:15-19:45 or 19.00-20.30

Starting dates 2019

DELE group courses start on 04 th of march, 29 of july, 12 of august

 Price: US$ 335 + US$ 55 enrolment fee


DELE preparation private tuition special offers

Add on US$ 55 for enrolment fee

Specific one-on-one tuition  20 lessons comercial, medical, legal, spanish or DELE preparation
 US$ 475
Specific one-on-one tuition  40 lessons comercial, medical, legal, spanish or DELE preparation
 US$ 870

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